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Rx Equine First Aid Box

The Professional Equine First Aid Kit

The Professional Equine First Aid Kit

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About This Kit:

Be prepared for any equine emergency with The Professional Rx Equine First Aid Box. This essential kit comes with an articulated plastic first aid box and contains a mix of wound treatment and medical products to triage emergencies with your horse in the barn or while traveling.

You will always have peace of mind knowing you're equipped to handle any situation. The durable 22" box is easy to spot, extremely light, and can be easily carried by the handle. Multiple compartments are provided to keep essential items organized. Don't let an equine emergency catch you off guard - order your Rx Equine First Aid Box today!

Have peace of mind knowing that you are well-prepared to handle any urgent matter until a veterinarian can arrive.

Kit Contents:

• 1x Vitals Signs Card
• 1x Vital Signs booklet
• 1x Digital Thermometer
• 1x Stethoscope
• 1x Flashlight pen
• 8x Wooden tongue depressor
• 1x Bandage scissors
• 2x Disposable Scalpel
• 6x #20 Surgical blades
• 8x Exam Gloves
• 24x Alcohol Prep Pads
• 1x Triple antibiotic ointment
• 1x 4oz Iodine solution
• 1x First Companion Electrolyte Paste
• 1x Probios Probiotic Paste
• 1x 4oz DMSO Ge
• 1x Vetrap
• 1x Lightplast Pro Tape
• 1x Elastikon Tape
• 1x Porous Tape
• 1x Duct Tape
• 1x 3” Brown gauze
• 2x Large 8x10 non-adherent Telfa pads
• 3x Small 3x5 non-adherent Telfa pads
• 2x 8x10 Abdominal Pads
• 20x 4x4 Gauze
• 1x Standing Cotton Wrap
• 1x Cotton Elastic Wrap
• 6x 20G x 1.5 needle
• 6x 20G x 1 needle
• 6x 18G x 1.5 needle
• 6x 18G x 1 needle
• 6x 16G x 1 needle
• 1x 60 mL syringe
• 1x 35 mL syringe
• 2x 20 mL syringe
• 2x 12 mL syringe
• 2x 6 mL syringe
• 4x 3 mL syringe with 20G x 1.5 needle combo
• 1x Cordless Trimmer
• 1x Horse Weight Tape
• Restocking brochure

Kit contents vary slightly depending on availability.

The Box

22" x 12" x 6.5" Articulated Plastic First Aid Box with handle.

Disclosure: Rx Equine provides this first aid kit for your convenience and does not assume responsibility for the user's ability to properly use the items included. In the event of an emergency or any health-related concerns, it is important to contact a licensed veterinarian for professional assistance.

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