Our Facility

We set out to build a facility that was all inclusive for the equine owner.

RX Equine is located at High Tower Ranch at 819 Middle Road in Twin Bridges, Montana.

After purchasing High Tower Ranch in 2009, we set out to build a facility that was all inclusive for the equine owner.  Our facility can accommodate all of our equine based services, from breeding and foaling out mares, to rehabilitating major injuries, farrier services and hosting many different kinds of events.

The facility is also open for those who would like to lease for their own event.

  • 4 Pastures: Depending on the time a year those not on confinement are able to be outside on green grass with shelters. We have both 3 acre and 1 acre foaling pastures or turnouts. Each pasture has a 16′ x 12′ shelter.
  • 6 Steel Pipe Corrals: Each of our pipe pens have large shelters overhead. Their sizes range from 24′ x 24′ to 14′ x 36′.
  • 3 Indoor Stalls: Our indoor stalls are perfect for those that need to be confined to heal. Their sizes range from 12′ x 12′ to 14′ x 20′. Also inside the barn with our stalls, is a wash rack with hot water, ideal for those winter months and wound care.
  • 160' x 260' Outdoor Arena: Our outdoor arena is everything you can dream of. It has amazing ground conditions, roping boxes, center gate and even a adjacent tie up area. Our arena is great for any event from jackpots to clinics and everything in-between.
  • Hot Walker: Our hot walker can walk 4 horses at a time in a 50′ radius. It is also enclosed for increased safety.
  • Exercise Track: The scenic 1/4 mile exercise track around one of the large fields is perfect for getting out and enjoying your horse or getting them in peak condition.

Stay tuned for events coming soon.


    We are proud to offer a full line of reproductive services for your breeding program, regardless of size.  With close relationship with equine veterinarians, we can bring complete services right to Rx Equine, using your veterinarian or our very close and talented clinic.


    Whether you have a post-surgical horse that needs a quiet environment, bandage changes and constant monitoring, or just an under the weather, special horse: we can provide a high level of excellent, individualized care for your horse.


    Corrective shoeing with your vet or just a trim for the ranch horse, call us today!